Guidelines for Oral Presentations
  • The following time slots are assigned to each oral presentation:

Type Talk Discussion Overall
Oral Contribution 12 min 3 min 15 min
Invited Talk 25 min 5 min 30 min
Plenary Talk 40 min 5-10 min 45-50 min
  • All speakers are requested to strictly keep their allocated time slots. Session chairs will enforce the schedule.
  • All lecture theaters will be equipped with a computer (Windows 7), MSOffice, data projector, sound, and presenter/laser pointer.
  • There is a speaker-ready room equipped with laptops. There, speakers can test if their presentation works with the systems provided by the conference.
  • Speakers shall submit their presentations to the speaker ready room until 30 min before morning sessions and 30 min before the afternoon sessions at the latest. The following file formats are accepted: ppt, pptx, pdf.
  • All presentations will be deleted from the systems of UNIVIE by the end of the conference.
  • To ensure smooth progress of the sessions, speakers are discouraged from using their own laptops.
  • Please note that presentations must not contain any commercial advertising.

We wish you a successful and fruitful conference!

Guidelines for poster presentations
  • There are two poster sessions, one on Monday, July 16th, and one on Tuesday, July 17th, 1600-1800. Posters are allocated to these sessions as follows:

Day Session
Monday, July 16th All posters assigned to Sessions starting with “P-1”
Tuesday, July 17th All posters assigned to Sessions starting with “P-2”
  • You can find your poster code online on the conference website and in the program distributed through the conference bags. The first 4 letters in your poster code represent the session your poster should be displayed, the number is the number of the poster board. E.g. “P1GS01” means poster board 01 in session “Gas Sensing” on Monday, July 16th.
  • Posters have to be put up by the presenters on the respective day between 8:00 and 9:00 and taken down immediately after the poster session.
  • Posters can be fixed to boards using adhesive tape. Please do not use pins, velcro or blu-tack. Tape will be provided in the poster area and student volunteers are in your vicinity for any assistance, if needed.
  • Please note that poster orientation should be portrait, NOT landscape. Poster size should be A0 (841 mm x 1189 mm).
  • Recommended minimum font size for all text is 18 pt.
  • We suggest that you provide an envelope where people can leave their business cards for requests for more information. If possible, also provide hand-outs of your poster and your own business card.
  • Be at your poster during the poster session to discuss your work with scientists visiting your poster.
  • The best posters will be given awards during the closing ceremony on Thursday, July 19th, 1530-1600.

Guidelines for Session Chairs

First of all, thank you again for supporting IMCS2018 by chairing a session. You fulfil a task that is crucial for successfully carrying out the lecture program! IMCS2018 comprises up to four (4) parallel sessions. Therefore please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The following time slots are assigned to each oral presentation:

Type Talk Discussion Overall
Oral Contribution 12 min 3 min 15 min
Invited Talk 25 min 5 min 30 min
Plenary Talk 40 min 5-10 min 45-50 min
  • Please enforce speaking times strictly! If speakers do not keep their schedule, make sure that the following presentation can start at the scheduled time.
  • Any technical problems resulting from speakers using their own computers for presentation reduce the time of the respective speaker.
  • In the case that a speaker of your session does not show up, please leave the time slot empty, e.g.: Speaker A scheduled for 1130-1145 does not show up. Speaker B scheduled for 1145-1200 will nonetheless give the talk at his allocated slot.
  • This is necessary to make sure that the audience can change between sessions.
  • If there are invited speakers presenting in your session, please hand them a token of appreciation after their talk. The congress office will provide you with those on time.

Thank you again for your support! We wish you a successful, fruitful, and enjoyable time at IMCS2018!