Poster Session 1

Monday, July 16th, 2018

P-1 - Applications of Chemical Sensors

P1AP.1 Denna Cristine Faye J. Determination of Cu(II) in environmental water samples using polymer inclusion membrane-TAC optode in a continuous flow system
P1AP.2 Lattus Julia NOx sensor for exhaust applications
P1AP.3 Tang Kea-Tiong Development of a Drug Smoke Sensing System
P1AP.4 Bunpang Ketkaeo Highly Sensitive CH4 Gas Sensors Based on Flame?spray made CrOx?doped SnO2 Sensing Films for Livestock Farming Applications
P1AP.5 Chaneam Sumonmarn New fluorescence sensor for online monitoring of copper(II) ion in food supplements
P1AP.6 Jeong Yujeong Suppression of Drift in FET-type Gas Sensor Having WS2 Nanoparticles Using Pulse Measurement
P1AP.7 Hunt Sarah J. Developing Low Concentration Acetic Acid Sensors for the Museum Sector
P1AP.8 Humphreys Lisa H. Development of Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Sensors for Landmine Detection
P1AP.9 Girdthep Sutinee Rhodamine derivatives-loaded electrospun membranes for Hg2+ sensing membranes
P1AP.10 Miyamoto Ko-ichiro pH Imaging of Ion Diffusion at Laminar Flow Interface and Estimation of Diffusion Coefficients
P1AP.11 Jung Jiyoung Online Copper Monitoring for Pharmaceutical Processes
P1AP.12 Guidi Vincenzo Soil-Plant-Atmosphere System in Tomato and Maize Crops: Correlation of Gaseous Emissions to Water Stress
P1AP.13 Yi Jianxin Detection of signature volatile gases for electrical fires with semiconductor gas sensors
P1AP.14 Suzuki Masayasu Smartphone-based Oxygen Imaging Sensor and Application to BOD sensor
P1AP.16 Kang Kyungnam Development of NO2 Gas Sensor Using Colorimetric Film and Organic Solar Cell in Self-powered System
P1AP.17 Stahl-Offergeld Markus Microcontroller Based Electrical Self-Test and Self-Calibration of MOX Sensor Systems
P1AP.18 Koguchi Saki Using Airflows Generated by Multicopter for Gas Detection in Midair
P1AP.19 Matsukura Haruka Effects of Gas Sensor Location in Olfactory Assist Mask
P1AP.20 Samotaev Nikolay Improving Detection Chlorine by Field Effect Gas Sensor with Using Temperature Pulse Mode
P1AP.21.LM Rizzotto Valentina Effects of phosphorus -poisoning on zeolite -based NH 3-sensors for exhaust  gas applications
P1AP.22.LM FruhmannPhilipp Development of an amperometric biosensor for the detection of deltamethrin in seawater
P1AP.23.LM Mayerhuber Lisa Development of an ion-selective electrode for the detection of antipyrine and metamizole
P1AP.24.LM Lee Na-Eun Application of Low-concentration Measurable Water Quality Sensors: Online Monitoring Tap Water Drinking Station
P-1 - Biosensors

P1BS.1 Wang Ping A Novel Electrochemical Enzyme Biosensor for Detection of 17â- Estradiol by Mediated Electron-transfer System
P1BS.2 Teengam Prinjaporn Electrochemical Paper-based DNA Sensor for Human Papillomavirus Detection
P1BS.3 Kurzhals Steffen Modification of Optical  Interferometers with Functional Polymers and Hydrogels for Sensing of Protein Biomarkers
P1BS.4 Tantipanjaporn Ajcharapan A Rhodamine Chemodosimeter Bearing Thiourea Moiety for Mercury(II) and Its Bioimaging Application
P1BS.5 Yu Guoce Isolation of a Strong Toluene Degrading Microbial Strain and Its Possible Implication for Microbial Biosensors
P1BS.6 Fanjul Bolado Pablo Cell Culture Growth Monitoring using Disposable Electrochemical Enzymatic Sensors
P1BS.7 Hashemi Pegah An impedimetric immunosensor based on magnetic graphene nanoribbons modified by boronic acid for sensitive label-free detection of lymphoma cancer cells
P1BS.8 Jablonski Melanie Enzyme Biosensor Based on Tobacco Mosaic Virus-Modified Field-Effect Structures
P1BS.9 Hesketh Peter J. Bacteria capture using artificial magnetic cilia
P1BS.10 Wang Ping A Novel Design of Cell-based Biosensors for Detecting Cell Acidification
P1BS.11 Zhang Lulu Development of SPR and fluorescence synchronous detection system
P1BS.12 Choowongkomon Kiattawee The Specificity and Sensitivity of PRRSV Aptamer using Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM)
P1BS.13 Xu Jing-Juan Dual-signal Nanoswitchs for In Situ Intracellular Imaging of non-coding RNA
P1BS.14 Kawashima Shiori Adrenaline Sensing by 2D-SPR Observation of the Stem Cell-Induced Cardiac Cell Response
P1BS.15 Stankovic Dalibor M. Novel biosensors based on screen printed electrode supported with RuO2@graphene nanoribbons composite: NADH and ethanol sensing
P1BS.16 Schrattenecker Julian-David Impedimetric Cortisol Biosensor with in-Situ Reduced Hexaammineruthenium as Redox-Probe
P1BS.18 Shinohara Hiroaki Electrochemical Sensing and Consumption of Intracellular NADH in Mammalian Cells for their Applications
P1BS.19.LM Choi Suk-Jung Lab-in-a-Tube System as a simple Immunoassay Platform
P-1 - Flexible, Stretchable and Wearable Sensors
P1FW.1 Mekki Ahmed Highly ammonia-sensing using direct in situ electro-deposited polypyrrole-dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid film on ITO coated flexible substrates
P1FW.2 Lim Jong Kuk Chitosan-Based Polymer Electrolytes Containing Various-Shaped Metal Nanoparticles and Development of Flexible Electrochemical Gas Sensors
P1FW.3 Xie Guangzhong  Flexible organic thin-film transistors NOs sensors based on poly(3-hexylthiophene)/graphene composite films
P1FW.4 Ortaboy Sinem Wearable electronics compatible enzyme-free Cu based biosensor for sensitive glucose detection
P1FW.5 Turkani Vikram Shreeshail A Fully Printed CNT Based Humidity Sensor on Flexible PET Substrate
P-1 - Gas Sensors
P1GS.1 Wagner Ricarda Room Temperature UV-Enhanced NO2-Gas Sensing of Doped and Undoped Sol-Gel-Synthesized ZnO
P1GS.2 Liu Yueli Gas Sensing Properties of CuSbS2 Quantum Dots/rGO Composites towards Ammonia at Room Temperature
P1GS.3 Drmosh Q. A. A low Temperature H2 Gas Sensor Based on Pt-loaded Reduced Graphene Oxide/ZnO Nanocomposites
P1GS.4 Cantalini Carlo Correlation between the NO2 gas sensing properties and surface area of ZnO nanofibers, hyerarchical and thin films structures
P1GS.5 Marikutsa Artem V. Sensitivity of Nanocrystalline Metal Oxides to CO and Ammonia Determined by Active Sites
P1GS.6 Mulik Ramesh N. Hydrothermal Synthesis of Tungsten Oxide (WO3) for the detection of NO2 gas
P1GS.7 Patil Vikas B. Metal Oxides Hetrostructure: A Potential to detect NO2 Gas
P1GS.8 Zhou Yong UV assisted NH3 Gas Sensor based on Ternary Reduced Graphene Oxide/TiO2/Au composites at Room Temperature
P1GS.9 Wisitsoraat Anurat Flame?-spray made Y?-doped SnO2 Nanoparticulate Thick Films for Highly Sensitive NO2 Detection
P1GS.10 Zhao Jing Improving the Gas Sensing Performance Based on Ordered Mesoporous Pd/SnO2 Sensor
P1GS.11 Emamjomeh Seyedmahmoud M. Enhanced NO2 response of surface decorated WO3 low-cost gas sensors
P1GS.12 Suzuki Takuya Crystal Structure and CO2 Sensing Properties  of Rare-earth oxycarbonates
P1GS.13 Krutovertsev Sergey Tungsten Oxide Films with High Sensitivity to Nitric Oxide
P1GS.14 Krutovertsev Sergey Gas Sensitivity Study of Films Based on Polymeric  Phthalocyanines
P1GS.15 Liu Huan Sensitive and Selective H2S Gas Detection at Low Temperature Employing In2O3 Quantum Dots
P1GS.16 Zakrzewska Katarzyna  SnO2/TiO2 thin film n-n heterostructures for H2 and NO2 gas sensing
P1GS.17 Llobet Valero Eduard WO3 Nanowires Decorated with Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles for H2S Detection
P1GS.18 Saruhan-Brings Bilge BaTi-Oxides as High-Temperature Nitrogen Oxide Sensors
P1GS.19 Ziegler Daniele Cobalt spinel via solution combustion synthesis as an ammonia sensing material
P1GS.20 Hao Ren An ultrasensitive and humidity resistant NO2 gas sensor based on BP-BV composite film at room temperature
P1GS.21 Schönauer-Kamin Daniela Dosimeter for Low-Level NOx Detection - Influence of the Deposition Method of the NOx Storage Film
P1GS.22 Moalaghi Maryam Tin Oxide Gas Sensor on Tin Oxide Microheater for Methane Sensing
P1GS.23 Santiago Karen Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Sensor Based on Conducting Polyimide/Gold Nanoparticles
P1GS.24.LM Uehara Kaito Thin-Film Gas Sensor with Enhanced Sensitivity and Selectivity by Applying High Electric Field
P1GS.25.LM Zhang Wenshuang Enhancement of SnO2/g-C3N4 dual two-dimensional materials for formaldehyde gas sensing
P-1 - Microfluidics and MEMS for Sensing
P1MM.1 Sibal Leonardo N. Development of a Polymer Inclusion Membrane Incorporated in a Microfluidic Paper-Based Sensor for the Determination of Cu(II)
P1MM.3 Kim Hyo Eun Solution-Gated Graphene FET DNA sensor for using unique coplanar gate structure integrated in the microfluidic chip
P1MM.4 Horiuchi Ren MEMS-Based Conductometric Sensors for Organic Airborne Particles
P1MM.5 Gaiardo Andrea Optimization of Silicon and Quartz MEMS Microheater for Chemoresistive Gas Sensors
P1MM.6 Zehetner Johann Fabrication Concept for Biomimetic Microfluidic Systems
P1MM.7 Souri Asma Discrimination Among Different Lemon Juice Samples Using Chronoamperometry in a Microfluidic Channel
P-1 - Nanomaterials
P1NM.1 Zhuiykov Serge Wafer-scale two-dimensional ALD-development a-MoO3 for ultra-sensitive, stable and selective hydrogen peroxide sensing
P1NM.2 Zhuiykov Serge Electrochemical hydrazine sensor based on atomically-thin-sub-nanometer WO3 developed by atomic layer deposition
P1NM.3 Li Yixue Synthesis and Enhanced Gas Sensing Properties of MoS2 Nanoflakes
P1NM.4 Luo Liqiang Cu/Cu2O Nanocomposites for Sensitive Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide
P1NM.5 Xiang Qun Excellent Formic Acid Sensors Based on CuO Loaded SnO2/Zn2SnOSnO4 Hollow Nano-cubes
P1NM.6 Wang Luyu Superhydrophobic polymer with hierarchical porous structure as novel QCM sensing material for toluene/water selectively detection
P1NM.7 Chang Yaw-Jen Detection of Nitrite by Copper Interdigitated Electrode with Nickel-Cobalt Nanowires
P1NM.8 Zhu Xiangyi Ultrasensitive RGO/Cu2O film synthetized by hydrothermal method to detect NO2 gas at room temperature
P1NM.9 Tammanoon Nantikan Ultra-Sensitive Formic Acid Gas Sensor Based on Zn-doped SnO2 Nanoparticles Prepared by Flame Spray Pyrolysis
P1NM.10 Sukee Anupong Flame-made Sb-doped SnO2 Nanoparticulate Sensors for Acetic Acid Sensing
P1NM.11 Park Choon-Sang Conductive Porous Polymer Synthesis via a Novel Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Polymerization and Its Application to Gas Sensors
P1NM.12 Singkammo Suparat Au-decorated ZnO Nanowires for Selective Ethanol Sensing
P1NM.13 Weinberger Christian Impedance of Metal Organic Frameworks: On the Way to in-situ Monitoring of Proton Conducting Membranes
P1NM.14 Nufer Sebastian Percolating metallic structures templated on laser ? - deposited carbon nanofoams derived from graphene oxide: Applications in humidity sensing
P1NM.15 Comini Elisabetta Efficient Structural, Compositional and Morphological Modifications of TiO2-based Hierarchical Multicomponent Materials for Chemical Sensing
P1NM.16 Siangproh Weena A Highly Sensitive Determination of Vitamin D in Supplements Using Graphene-Nafion Nanocomposite
P1NM.17 Haidry Azhar Ali Functional Graphene oxide and role of hydroxyl groups on humidity sensing
P1NM.18 Gaiardo Andrea Sensing Properties of Nanocrystalline Silicon Carbide Wet Condition
P1NM.19 Wang Zheyao Silicon Nanowire pH Sensors Fabricated Using Conventional CMOS Technologies
P1NM.20 Klein Cerrejon David Isoprene detection with Ti-doped ZnO nanoparticles
P1NM.21.LM Yuan Tongwei Three-dimensional assembly of ultrathin bismuth tungstate nanosheets for gas sensing to low concentration of ethanol
P-1 - Optical Sensors
P1OS.1 Zeng Hongyan A Turn-off Fluorescent Sensor for Simple Detection of Vanillin Based on N-doped Carbon Dots
P1OS.2 Farnood Ameneh Localized surface plasmon resonance sensor by PdCl2-GNPs for Hydrogen gas
P1OS.3 Pinyorospathum Chanika Colorimetric sensor for phosphate ions detection using 2 mercaptoethanesulfonate modified silver nanoplates
P1OS.4 Zhu Zicheng Quantitative Detection of Aminoglutethimide by Electrochemical Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
P1OS.5 De Acha Nerea Luminescent optical fiber Hg2+ sensor based on an oligodeoxyribonucleotide sequence
P1OS.6 Iribe Yasunori SPR Imaging at Shorter Wavelengths by Using Cytop Inserted Sensor Chips
P1OS.7 Choi Young-Wan Design of Polymer Multimode Racetrack Resonator for Chemical Optical Sensor
P1OS.8 He Xiuli Fabrication and SERS property of Ag-coated polyvinylpyrrolidone fibers
P1OS.9 Wang Lu Ion-selective optode microsensors based on hydrophobic solvatochromic dyes
P1OS.10 Kumar Gupta Akhilesh Combination of Gold nanodot on ZnO-NR based Schottky junction platform for SERS Applications
P1OS.11 Khan Sulaiman Study on Absorption of VOCs into PDMS Film using Heterodyne Interferometry for Application of VOCs Sensing
P-1 - Sensor Systems and Manufacturing
P1SM.1 Hagen Gunter Electrophoretic and thermophoretic effects on conductometric soot sensing: special challenges when using synthetic soot
P1SM.2 Ishida Hanako Investigation of Water Sampling Assisted by Jets for Active Chemical Sensing System
P1SM.3 Li Xiang-Ling Dual-signal Nanoswitchs for In Situ Intracellular Imaging of non-coding RNA
P1SM.4 Heidari Sakineh Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor Performance Enhancement with High Bandgap Semiconductors    
P1SM.5 Sosada-Ludwikowska Florentyna Dry transfer print process of SnO2 nanowires for gas sensor manufacturing
P1SM.6 Enseleit Ute Thick-film Heavy-metal Sensor of Chalcogenide Glass
P1SM.7 Graunke Thorsten Investigation of active heated gas filters on metal oxide gas sensors using a microstructured stacked-die setup
P1SM.8 Samotaev Nikolay Technology of Rapid Prototyping SMD MOX Gas Sensors
P1SM.9 Pyo Soonjae Sensitivity Improvement of Photo-Ionization Detectors by Coating Carbon Nanotubes on Electrodes
P1SM.10.LM Sepehr Aghili Chemo-thermoelectric Gas Sensor in Oxide Semiconductors
P-1 - Sensors for Diagnostics and Healthcare
P1DH.1 Luo Liqiang A Sensitive Amperometric Immunosensor Based on AuNPs-TiO2-graphene Nanocomposites for the Detection of Carcinoembryonic Antigen
P1DH.2 Luo Liqiang Paper-Based Microfluidic Analytical Device Based on Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for Detection of Carcinoembryonic Antigen
P1DH.3 Pineau Nicolay J. Tracing multiple breath markers with flame-made electronic noses
P1DH.4 Chen Xing Miniaturized System with a Facile Microfluidic Chip for DNA Extraction, Isothermal Amplification and Fluorescence Detection
P1DH.5 Jung Hwaebong Highly Selective Breath Acetone Analyzer Using ZnO Quantum Dots based Sensor with a Miniaturized Gas Chromatographic Column
P1DH.6 Lin Xiaogang A Rapid Serologic Diagnosis Sensor for Taenia Solium Cysticercosis
P1DH.7 Astolfi Michel Chemoresistive Sensors for Cancer Pre-Screening in Human Tissue
P1DH.8 Xu  Jing-Juan An Exploration of Nucleic Acid Liquid Biopsy Glucose Meter
P1DH.9 Ulieru Dumitru Electrochemical Sensors Integration for a non Invasive Breath Test for Early Diagnosis of Tropical Diseases
P1DH.10 Zhang Xingzhe Development of a Novel Wireless Multi-Channel Stethograph System for Diagnosing Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Diseases
P1DH.11 Notcovich Cintia Characterization of a magnetic nanoparticle manipulation system. Towards HUS diagnosis
P1DH.12 Du Hai-ying Development of Human Breath Acetone Detector Based on Gas Chromatographic Technology
P1DH.13 Wied Markus Si -doped a-MoO3 sensing nanoparticles for selective breath NH3 detection
P1DH.14 Berger Marc Continuous Non-Invasive Sodium Monitoring in Extracorporeal Circuits