Wednesday, July 18th, 2018


Plenary 3 (PT3): Prof. Sergey Piletsky, Universty of Leicester (UK)

"MIP nanoparticles in diagnostics and bioimaging" 

Session Chair: Steve Semancik

  AudiMax Lecture Hall "BIG" Lecture Hall 1
  Gas Sensors 7 - Systems
Nanoarchitectures in Sensing Emerging Systems 1 - Devices

 Session Chair

Dave Kubinski

Session Chair

Osamu Niwa

Session Chair

Neus Sabaté


Mauro Epifani (GS3.1)
Materials Architectures for Chemoresistive Gas-Sensing by Cross-Talk with Heterogeneous Catalysis. Principles, Synthesis and Applications
Charlie Johnson (NA.1)
Graphene-Based Biosensors for Diagnostics
Gary W. Hunter (ES1.1)
Smart Sensor Platforms and Systems for Aerospace Applications

Qiuxia Feng (GS7.2)
Carbon-Encapsulated Co3O4 Nanofibers for Room Temperature Selective NH3 sensors
S. Mallick (NA.2)
Morphological study of PVDF-TiO2 Composites Based Humidity Sensors
Thorsten Wagner (ES1.2)
Percolation-Based Chemical Switch for H2S Gas Detection

Sachin T. Navale (GS7.3)
Solution-Processed Co3O4 Nanoarchitectures as High Performance Chemiresistors
Jianxin Yi (NA.3)
Importance of Hierarchical Nano-Morphology for High Performance Potentiometric Sensors
Aaryashree Aaryashree (ES1.3)
Self-assembled Zn-OPV Composite for Ammonia Sensing

Sebastian Abegg (GS7.4)
Selective Formaldehyde Detection at low ppb Level with Microporous Membranes and SnO 2 Sensors
Tadeusz Pisarkiewicz (NA.4)
Nitrogen dioxide gas sensing using reduced graphene oxide-copper oxide multilayer structure
Yunsung Kang (ES1.4)
Recovery of Recovery MoS2-based Gas Sensor Using UVLED Illumination
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  AudiMax Lecture Hall "BIG" Lecture Hall 1
  Gas Sensors 8 - Emerging Applications/Systems

Biosensors 6 - Nanoparticles

Emerging Systems 2 - Sensing Strategies


Session Chair

Jong-Heun Lee

Session Chair

Charlie Johnson

Session Chair

Gustavo Rivas


Dave Kubinski (GS8.1)
RF measurement technique as a tool to understanding the gas loading on automotive catalysts
Mariusz Pietrczak (BS6.1)
Noble-metal based nanoparticles in modern bioanalysis
Faramarz Hossein-Babaei (ES2.1)
Discriminating Among Alkali Ions in Aqueous Solutions by Seebeck Voltage Measurement in Microfluidic Channels

Jian Wang (ES2.2)
A Frequency-responsive Photoelectric Design for Highly Sensitive Photoelectrochemical Response Measurements

Matthias Steinmaßl (GS8.2)
Smart Monitoring System for Air Quality Control with Capacitive Sensors
Yuko Ueno (BS2.2)
Graphene Micro-roll Aptasensor for Three-Dimensional Protein Detection
Koji Toma (ES2.3)
Precipitate-Assisted Signal Amplification of Surface Acoustic Wave Immunosensor for Mite Allergen

Han Jin (GS8.3)
Light-regulated Electrochemical Reaction: Alternative Strategy for Designing High-performance Gas Sensors
Xu Yan (BS6.3)
A label-free assay for sensitive detection of trypsin by using gold nanoclusters as fluorescent probes
Gerald Gerlach (ES2.4)
Hydrogel-based chemical sensors

Yasufumi Yokoshiki (GS8.4)
Measurement of Gas Mixture Using Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Lianjing Zhao (BS6.4)
A fluorescent biosensor based on molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) nanosheets and protein aptamer for sensitive detection of carcinoembryonic antigen
Rene Welden (ES2.5)
Light-addressable lab-on-a-chip based analysis platform
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  AudiMax Lecture Hall "BIG" Lecture Hall 1
  Gas Sensors 9 - Hydrogen Sensing

Biosensors 7 - Cell Sensing
New Materials for Gas Sensing

Session Chair

Andreas Güntner

Session Chair

Frieder Scheller

Session Chair

Mauro Epifani



Seongbin Hong (GS9.1)
A Novel FET-type Hydrogen Gas Sensor with Pd-decorated Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Electroplating Method
Tomoyuki Yasukawa (BS7.1)
Rapid formation of single-cell pairs for producing hybridomas
Jenna A Gustafson (NG.1)
Development of Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) Coated Bulk Acoustic Sensors for Carbon Dioxide and Methane Detection

Thomas Mazingue (GS9.2)
Hydrogen sensor based on a delay path SAW transducer and a nanostructured catalyst
Jiaqiang Xu (NG.2)
Synthesis of amino-functionalized MIL-101(Cr) as high performance HF gas sensor

Min Hyung Kim (GS9.3)
Pd-coated SnO2 Nanorod Arrays for Detection of Dissolved H2 in Transformer Oil
Xinwei Wei (BS7.2)
Three-dimensional Cardiomyocyte-based Biosensor with Scaffold and Microelectrode Array
Siqi Li (NG.3)
Room Temperature High Performance NH3 Sensor: In Suit Growth Polyaniline Nanofibers Decorated by SnO2 on Flexible PET Substrate

Sabrina Amrehn (GS9.4)
Optical Hydrogen Sensing with Tungsten Oxide Photonic Crystals
Chuanjian Qin (BS7.3)
Receptor-specific Bitterness Detection Using Immortal Cell Line and Impedance Sensor
Sukon Phanchiphant (NG.4)
H2 Gas Sensor Based on PdOx doped In2O3 Synthesized by Flame Spray Pyrolysis

Azhar Ali Haidry (GS9.5)
Factors affecting the electrical conductivity of TiO2-based gas sensors
Sharhiar Dantism (BS7.4)
Investigations of the Cellular Metabolism of Various Bacteria Utilizing Light-addressable Potentiometric Sensors (LAPS) Incorporated with Multi-chamber Structures
Mahnaz Shafiei (NG.5)
Two-Dimensional Titanium Oxide Nanosheets for NO2 Gas Sensing at Room Temperature

Joseph R. Stetter (GS9.6)
Characterization of a Selective, Zero Power Sensor for Distributed Sensing of H2 in Energy Applications
Yuxiang Pan (BS7.5)
A multichannel 3D cell-based biosensor for real-time and non-invasive monitoring of 3D cell proliferation and drug screening
Gaojie Li (NG.6)
SnO2 nanosheets functionalized with PdPt bimetal and their
selective detection of carbon monoxide and methane
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