Poster Session 2

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

P-2 - Biomimetic Sensors

P2BM.1 Duan Dingding A Novel Molecularly Imprinted Electrochemical Sensor Based on Dual Sensitization of MOF/CNTs and Prussian Blue for Detection of 17ß-estradiol in Water
P2BM.2 Haas Sandra Proto-MIP ? A novel route for MIP fabrication
P2BM.3 Eguchi Haruto Development of whole blood vancomycin sensor using electrode grafted molecularly imprinted polymer
P2BM.4 Tokonami Shiho Selective Trapping of Bacteria with Molecularly Imprinting Film under External Field
P2BM.5 Haghdoust Shahin Synthesis of a Novel MIP Thin Layer and Monodisperse MIP- Nanoparticles for Detection of Creatinine
P2BM.6 Mujahid Adnan Tailoring Molecular Imprinted Polymers as Biomimetic Recognition Coatings for Anti-Diabetic Drugs
P2BM.7 Amatatongchai Maliwan 3D Paper-based Electrochemical Device Using Graphite Screen Printed Electrode Modified with MIP for Serotonin Detection
P2BM.8 Werner Martin Pickering Emulsion Polymerization of Polystyrene to Synthesize Bacteria Imprinted Polymer Beads for Pre-Concentration
P2BM.9 Yoshimi Yasuo A Sensor Made from A Paste Electrode of Graphite Particles Grafted with Molecularly Imprinted Polymer
P-2 - Electrochemical Sensors

P2EC.1 Wang Chaolin An electrochemical sensor based on NiAl-layered double/graphene oxide hydroxide for detection of Vitamin B6
P2EC.2 Chinnathambi Selvaraj Nitrogen and Boron doped hydrothermally reduced Graphene oxide amperometric sensor for sensing Dissolved oxygen
P2EC.3 Ruchets Anastasiya Dynamic methods for solid electrolyte sensors
P2EC.4 Poo-Arporn Rungtiva P. Development of electrochemical sensor based on graphene nanocomposite for determination of ß-agonists
P2EC.5 Lisdat Fred Electrochemical discrimination of dopamine and its metabolites at fluorine-doped tin oxide
P2EC.6 Liu Tong High performance mixed potential type acetone sensor based on CeO2 and Sr2FeMoO6 sensing electrode
P2EC.7 Detjens Marc Influence of Gas Pressure on Coulometric Trace Humidity Measurement
P2EC.8 Mecheri Nacira Iron (III)-Selective Sensor Based on Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode
P2EC.9 Panraksa P. Paper-Based Amperometric Sensor for Acetylcholinesterase Determination Using Screen-Printed Graphene Electrode
P2EC.10 Murugappan Krishnan Electrochemical Bridging of Conducting Polymers at the Percolation Threshold for Highly Sensitive Chemiresistors
P2EC.11 Jeong Hyun-Min Lateral Double-diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor for Sensor Applications
P2EC.12 Okazaki Shinji Potential Response of Passive Metal Electrodes to Free Chlorine in tap water
P2EC.13 Fanjul Bolado Pablo Gold Screen-printed Electrodes as detectores of reducing sugars in batch and FIA systems
P2EC.14 Zhou Dong-Mei Suspension Wien effect sensor method for distinguishing Zn2+ in inner 1 and outer Helmholtz plane in electrical double layer of colloid particles
P2EC.15 Sandil Deepika Synthesis and Fabrication of Functionalized Nanostructured CuO Platform for Electrochemical Detection of Cancer Biomarkers
P2EC.16 Lee June Ho Label-free detection of Potassium ion using PEDOT:PSS
P2EC.17 Veseli Albana Electrochemical determination of erythromycin in drinking water resources by screen printed carbon electrodes
P2EC.18 Cho Hana Humidity sensing effect of doped metal salts based on polyvinyl alcohol complex materials
P2EC.19 Maddipatla Dinesh Development of a Gravure Printed Flexible Electrochemical Sensor
P2EC.20 Stankovic Dalibor M. Electrochemical behavior and nanomolar quantification of polydatin using boron doped diamond electrode
P2EC.21 Zdrachek Elena Switchable Potentiometric Sensing Probes
P2EC.22 Ziegler Daniele Nanotechnology-Based Ozone Sensors Exploiting Low-Frequency Impedance Changes for Detection
P2EC.23 Jedrusik Mateusz Electrochemical gas sensor with LaFeO3 sensing electrode for exhaust gas analysis
P2EC.24 Kim Dong-Won Synthesis and Characterization of Quasi-Solid-State Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Electrolytes for Electrochemical Gas Sensors
P2EC.25 Santiago Karen Conducting polyaniline/reduced graphene oxide-modified carbon paste electrode for the electrochemical multi-detection of ascorbic acid and uric acid
P2EC.26.LM Hussain  Tajamal Surface reforming of graphite electrode to improve the electrochemical detection of organic pollutants
P2EC.27.LM Wang Yiran Monodispersed Au nanoparticles entrapped in ordered mesoporous carbon/silica nanocomposites for nonenzymatic sensing of xathine
P-2 - Emerging Sensor Technologies

P2EM.1 Yarai Atsushi Laser-induced surface displacement detection instrument with Doppler shift composed of optical fiber
P2EM.2 Mei Qianwen Synthesis and Characterization of Electrospun 2D MoS2 Composite Carbon Nanofibers for Determination of Vanillin
P2EM.3 Lin Shiwei High-performance sensors based on organic electrochemical transistors with various gate electrodes
P2EM.4 Wang Si Novel Flexible Self-Powered Humidity Detection enabled by Triboelectric Effect
P2EM.5 Iakab Stefania-Alexandra Gold-coated Black Silicon: An Efficient Substrate for Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry Applications
P2EM.6 Liu Huan Selectivity and Sensitivity NO2 Gas Sensors using PbS CQD Ink prepared via Phase Transfer Exchange
P2EM.8 Stetter Joseph R. Gas Sensor Evaluation: Path to Research, Development, and Market Success: Example of Electrochemical Sensors for IoT and Air Quality
P2EM.9 Kalamiotis Alexis N. Direct Online Monitoring of E-caprolactone Polymerisation via Dielectric Property Measurement
P2EM.10 Abe Owen O. Ferrochromic WO3 Nanoparticles for Metabolic Sensors
P2EM.11 Maeno Kenichi Imprinted photonic crystal nanocavity composed of inversely tapered air holes for highly sensitive optical sensor
P2EM.12 Mozharivskyj Yurij Inorganic Phosphors for Temperature Sensing in Hydrogen-Rich Environment
P2EM.13.LM Binder Simon Interpenetrating Polymer Networks for Piezoresistive Hydrogel-based Chemical Sensors
P1MM.2HibaraAkihideCapillary introduction of polydimethylsiloxane precursor to microfabricated structure
P-2 - Gas Sensors

P2GS.1 Xu Jiaqiang QCM formaldehyde sensing probes: design and sensing mechanism
P2GS.2 Ma Zhiheng Gas Adsorption and Sensing Mechanism Studies by Measuring Enthalpy of Porous Materials with QCM
P2GS.3 Abegg Sebastian Fabricationon of microporous membranes for highly selective gas sensors
P2GS.4 Paolucci Valentina WS2-decorated rGO for Quasi-room Temperature Gas Sensing Applications
P2GS.5 Phanichphant Sukon Fabrication and Characterization of C2H2 Gas Sensor Based on PdO doped In2O3 as Prepared by Flame Spray Pyrolysis
P2GS.6 Pratsinis Sotiris E. In situ resistance monitoring during deposition of filmsmade chemoresistive gas sensing films
P2GS.7 Kim Yeonhoo Hydroygen gas detection of gold nanoparticles on selfon self - activated graphene layers
P2GS.8 Kim Jung-Sik Highly Selective and Sensitive Detection of Methylbenzenes via Concurrent Control of the Gas Reforming and Filtering in Catalytic Oxide Overlayer
P2GS.9 Gao Yuan Gas Sensors Based on Metal Oxides Decorated by Reduced Graphene Oxide with Enhanced Gas Sensing Properties
P2GS.10 Liu Di Low operating temperature ethanol sensor based on SnO2 hollow nanospheres
P2GS.11 Katarzyna Zakrzewska Cu2O/CuO thin film p-p nano-heterostructures for gas sensing
P2GS.12 Jeong Seong-Yong Pd-SnO2 Micro-reactor Sensing Film with a Catalytic Co3O4 Overlayer for Ultraselective Detection of Sub-ppm-level Benzene
P2GS.13 Kim Do Yeob Fabrication of ZnO-Based Ethanol Gas Sensors Using Aerosol-Assisted Atmospheric Pressure Plasma
P2GS.14 Ippolito Samuel J. ZnO nanoarray based conductometric acetone sensor: a bias and light assisted performance enhancement
P2GS.15 Park Min Sun Highly Sensitive Acetylene Sensing Properties of Al - and In-doped ZnO Quantum Dots
P2GS.16 Park Yunji Size Effects on Sensing Properties of ZnO Nanoparticles for Detection of Isoprene
P2GS.17 Srinivasan Parthasarathy Fabrication of Acetaldehyde Gas Sensor through Nanostructured Iron Oxide Thin Films
P2GS.18 Kim Tae Hoon Gas Sensing Characteristics of Phosphorus-decorated Molybdenum Disulfide Thin Films
P2GS.19 Hara Hara Catalytic Combustion-Type Gas Sensors Using Fe2O3-Based Thin Film as a Temperature Sensing Resistor
P2GS.20 Fabbri Barbara Microporous Organo-Silicates: Functional Hybrid Materials for Room-Temperature Gas Sensing
P2GS.21 Dehghani Niloofar Bulk Gold/Bulk Rutile/Bulk Gold Sturdy Structure Resistive Gas Sensor for Exhaust Monitoring
P2GS.22 Yamaguchi Tomiharu Conductometric Hydrogen Gas Sensors Operating at Room Temperature with Irradiation of LED Lights
P2GS.23 Khodadadi Abbas Ali Au- and Ni-promoted Ce-Zr catalytic filter-SnO2 integrated sensor for dual selective detection of ethanol and methane
P2GS.24 Purcell Noel Effect of Pt loading on the response of gas sensors
P2GS.25 Schütze Andreas Facile quantification and identification for reducing gases over a wide concentration range
P2GS.26 Khodadadi Abbas Ali Plasma Enhanced Detection Of Methane On Pt/SnO2 Sensors At Low Temperatures
P2GS.27 Srinivasan Parthasarathy Self-Assembled MoO3 Nano Golf Balls: A Trimethylamine Gas Sensor
P2GS.28 Schierbaum  Klaus Gas Sensor Technology based on Titanium Oxide and Platinum-Carbon Layers
P2GS.29 Sun Yanhui Improvement of Gas Sensing Properties for SnO2/Zeolite Composites Prepared by Electrospinning
P-2 - Mechanisms, Modeling and Simulation

P2MM.1 Donker Nils Investigation of the pulsed-polarization sensor mechanism in YSZ-based gas sensors
P2MM.2 Magna Gabriele Direct Estimation of Quartz Microbalance Sensitivity by a Straight Optical Procedure
P2MM.3 Stadler Florian Modeling of Response Curves of Chemiresistive Sensors with Modified Gompertz Functions
P2MM.4 Knapp Adam C. How Information-Rich are Sensor Response Interactions? Overlap and Resolution in Chemical Sensor Array Design
P2MM.5 Luo Wei COM Model of SAW Gas Sensor Including the Acoustoelectric Effect
P2MM.6 Liu Fengmin Relationship between ZnO nano-heterojunction and its sensing performances
P2MM.7 Basheer Sabeel M. Host-Guest Interaction of Anthraldehyde Dithiosemicarbazone and Construction of Molecular Logic Gates
P2MM.8 Hossein-Babaei Faramarz Conduction Activation Energy in PEDOT:PSS Thin Films
P2MM.9 Yuan Dajing Voltammetric Thin Layer Ion Selective Membranes
P2MM.10 Podlepetsky Boris I. Responses time Parameters of Hydrogen Sensors based on MISFET with Pd(Ag)-Ta2O5-SiO2-Si structure
P-2 - Nanomaterials for Gas Sensing

P2NG.1 Jiang Yadong UV Enhanced NO2 Sensor at Room Temperature Based on ZnO Nanosphere and Urchin-like array
P2NG.2 Ma Zhiheng A benzene vapor sensor with avoiding humidity false response based on metal-organic framework-modified quartz crystal microbalance
P2NG.3 Kim Jae-Hyeok Highly Selective and Sensitive Detection of Xylene using Cr2O3-ZnCr2O4 Nano-heterostructures
P2NG.4 Sun Peng High Performance Acetone Detector Based on 3 D Inverse Opal Structure Hybrid Microspheres
P2NG.5 Punginsang Matawee Selective H2S Gas Sensors Based on Au-functionalized WO3 Nanowires
P2NG.6 Kim Hyounwoo Enhancement of Gas Sensing Properties through Branch Formation and Metal Catalysts
P2NG.7 Wang Xiaohong High Sensitive NO2 Gas Sensor Based on Self-assembled Monolayer Graphene Decorated with Ag Nanoparticles
P2NG.8 Khamfoo Khakkhanang Formaldehyde Sensor Based on Flame-made AgOx-doped SnO2 Nanoparticulate Sensing Films
P2NG.9 Liewhiran Chaikarn Highly Sensitive Acetylene Sensors Based on Flame-spraymade p-type CuO Nanoparticulate/Electrolytically Exfoliated Graphene Composites
P2NG.10 Liu Huan PbS Colloidal Quantum Dots-Sensitized MoS2 Nanosheets Hybrid Gas Sensors
P2NG.11 Arora Kamal PdO/Polyaniline nanocomposite for room temperature hydrogen sensing application
P2NG.12 Lin Wen-Chin Spintronic materials for hydrogen sensing
P2NG.13 Luo Wei Quantity and size dependence of Gas sensing properties for the SnO2 nanofiber layer induced by the junctions between the layers
P2NG.14 Ding Yaping Electrochemical catalysis and determination acetaminophen through nano-sensor with lindgrenite nanoflower
P2NG.15 Park Seo Yun Highly selective and sensitive SnS2 decorated rGO based chemoresistive gas sensors
P2NG.16 Ma Ahyeon Spontaneous Deposition of Cobalt Oxide Nanoplates for Application to Acetone Gas Sensors
P2NG.17 Lee Jae Eun Sonochemical Synthesis of HKUST-1 Based CuO Decorated with Pt Nanoparticles for Formaldehyde Gas Sensors
P2NG.18 Comini Elisabette Fabrication and Characterization of p-NiO/ZnO-n nanowire heterostructures for gas sensing
P2NG.19 Sisman Orhan Wet Oxidation of TiO2 nanoflakes and Their Gas Sensing Properties
P2NG.20 Magna Gabriele Gas Sensitivity of the surface potential of Pyrene Coated ZnO Nanorods
P2NG.21 Alirezaei Samira Ni-doped ZnO sensors for highly selective detection of acetone
P2NG.22 Khatri Ritika Synthesis and fabrication of ZnO-MoS2 nanocomposite thin film for hydrogen sensing application
P2NG.23 Werner Sebastian CuO-Loaded Porous SiO2 Fibers for H2S Detection
P2NG.24 Drmosh Qasem A. Polymer-based Hydrophobic Nanostructures for Hydrogen Gas Sensing Application
P2NG.25 Ovsianytskyi Oleksandr Chemiresistive H2O2 gas sensors based on graphene decorated with Cu2O nanowires and a protective PVP layer
P2NG.26 Shao Gaofeng Polypyrrole-coupled W18O49 nanowire/reduced graphene oxide aerogel for room-temperature chemiresistive sensing
P2NG.27 Oosthuizen Dina Room-Temperature NH3 Gas Sensor Based on CuO Nanoplatelets prepared by Sonochemical Method
P2NG.28 Oosthuizen Dina Temperature-Dependent NO2 gas sensing study of hydrothermally prepared CuO nanoplatelets
P2NG.29 Krivetskiy Valeriy One step synthesis of Au loaded nanocrystalline SnO2 by flame spray pyrolysis technique and its stability as gas sensor material
P2NG.31.LM Li Gaojie SnO2 nanosheets functionalized with PdPt bimetal and their selective detection of carbon monoxide and methane
P2NG.32.LM Chen Jiaqi Highly Sensitive Ultra-Low-Power Hydrogen Sensor Array Based on Three-Dimensional Tin-Dioxide Nanotubes
P2NG.33.LM Zhang Dan Biomimetic synthesis of Metal Organic Frameworks and their Application for High Performance Acetone Gas Sensors
P2NG.34.LM Du Wei Selective Detection of Chlorinated Alkanes Based on a Novel Ba-MOF QCM gas sensor
P-2 - Sensor Arrays
P2AR.1 Kang Shin-Won Development of Multichannel Interdigitated Capacitor Based Sourness Sensor
P2AR.2 Awad I. Mohamed Said A Smart Chemosensor: Discriminated Multidetection and Execution of Various logic Gates in Aqueous Solution at Biological pH
P2AR.3 Wagner Thorsten Virtual Gas Sensor Array by Cyclic Optical Activation: Optimization of Activation Profile by Machine Learning
P2AR.4 Magna Gabriele Self-Calibration of Extremely Unstable Sensor Arrays
P2AR.5 Nozaki Yuji Classification of Essential Oil Groups with Ensemble of Binary SVM Decision Trees
P2AR.6 Efitorov Alexander Reliable detection of UDMH in sub-ppb level in variable atmospheric conditions by temperature modulated FSP-made SnO2 and Ru/SnO2 nanocomposite based MOX sensors
P2AR.7 Moon Seung Eon Multi-Sensor Comprising Capactive, Resistive and Conductive Micro-sensors
P2AR.8 Lvova Larisa The discrimination of cannabis seed oils and flours by an array of porphyrnoids based gas sensors
P2AR.9 Hossein-Babaei Faramarz Selective Sensing of Cannabis Odor using a Thermal Shock-Induced Tin Oxide Gas Sensor
P2AR.10 Zambrano Gerardo Multi-analyte electrochemical biosensors on flexible foils
P2AR.11 Preininger Claudia Colorimetric Multiplex Assay for Rapid Detection of Biogenic Amines
P2AR.12 Qu Hemi Surface Tuning on Metal Organic Frameworks for Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator Sensors Array
P2AR.13.LM Trul Askol Multiparametric sensing of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide with Langmuir-Schaefer monolayer field-effect transistors